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Welcome to Brandts English Bulldogs! We are a loving family who breeds our AKC English Bulldogs on the side. We also offer a stud service (and do the artificial inseminating here at our home.) We have Tebow our proven stud, We are located in Belvidere, Illinois. 815-543-7128

Follow us on Facebook (link is down and to the right) for constant updates and the best part is there you will see pics of our bulldogs as well as babies we have had in the past- we are blessed to stay in touch with many families, lucky us!! Email us at gbrandt_99@yahoo.com to get on our waiting list to be notified for future litters. Or use the link to the right to like us and follow us on Facebook- I actually update and add pics there constantly, not so much this site anymore! We accept cash only and NO shipping. We want to meet you, as you should us!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

AKC English Bulldog Puppies in Belvidere, Illinois!

Scroll down and to the right to see my new post of our AKC English Bulldog puppies now! See who I have deposits on and who is available- Just 4 puppies left!

 Madison and Jordin had their AKC English Bulldog puppies just a day apart! Jake is Dad to both litters. Jordin had 5 English Bulldog Puppies (born 3/21/2012) and Madison had 6 (born on 3/22/2012!) Should be ready for their new homes around May 12, 2012.

Although we breed our English Bulldogs, I hate to call us breeders. That term to me sounds like someone who is breeding English Bulldogs for the money. Truth is the money is secondary and goes to help pay for the kid's college. Our first concern is where each puppy is going. We spoil each puppy and our English Bulldogs with 100% love always. We are hands on with our puppies from the time they are born. We do not just sit and let Mom take care of them. You can stop by any second of any day and notice every puppy is clean and well cared for. Truth is we breed English Bulldogs because we love our dogs and believe their puppies are amazing. None of our dogs have ever been crated. In fact, they each think they are kids. They are funny, silly and can be found sleeping on the couch or one of our beds at any time. If you work full time and do not have time for an English Bulldog puppy or plan on crating them, our dogs are not for you. We want each of our English Bulldog puppies to go with a loving caring family who has time for a puppy!

Getting all that out of the way, our English Bulldog puppies are $1795 each. We accept $200 cash deposits. Right now 4 puppies are spoken for, that means we still have 7 bouncing baby English Bulldog puppies!

I will continue to update my site here. Notice you can see pictures of our females and Jake, to the right. Also view my previous litters of English Bulldog Puppies down below on my other few posts.. You can see videos and what a few of them look like as they have grown. Yes! We are fortunate to stay in touch with a handful of families. A couple families bless us with playdates so we get to see our English Bulldogs babies as they get older!

Now for pics and video of Jordin and Madison's English Bulldog litters at just a day or two old! Update: Plus a video of each litter at 1 1/2 weeks!! Update, just added a new video at 3 1/2 weeks. See which of our Akc English Bulldog puppies have deposit and which are available plus who is a girl and who is a boy:)  More videos and pics to come! Puppies should be ready for their new homes around May 12.

Jordin's 5 English Bulldog Puppies 1 day old!

Jordins puppies again!

Madison's English Bulldog puppies 1 day old!

Madison 6 puppies again!

NEWEST VIDEO! Our English Bulldog puppies are now 3 1/2 weeks! See  which are available and who is a boy and who is a girl!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brandts English Bulldogs Belvidere, Illinois Previous Puppies

I had a website up and going and just lost it. (Love the internet and new technology:)

Although my past site had pictures of all of our past litters, I am going to compile many pictures here for you to see how adorable our AKC English Bulldog puppies are! We keep in touch with many families and even have the honor to have playdates with a couple of them. Our female akc English bulldogs are Jordin, Madison and Bella. Jake is Dad to all.

Enjoy are puppy pictures! I am also including a Brandts English Bulldogs video of Madison and Jordins past litters. We are excited to be expecting another litter of English Bulldogs puppies from them around March 13, 2012, so keep checking back in!

Our puppies are akc, dad has champion bloodlines and we are located in Belvidere, Illinois.

Lulu, see her at 1 year below

Madison and Jakes English Bulldog Puppy Lulu  at 1 year!

Lulu English Bulldog at 1 year, see her baby picture above!

English Bulldog Stud Service Belvidere, Illinois

English Bulldog Stud Service Belvidere, Illinois 815-543-7128 gbrandt_99@yahoo.com 

We have 4 English Bulldogs of our own! They are all AKC registered. Tebow is our only male. Tebow is a proven stud. 

He has an amazing personality and is as loving as can be. He is DNA certified at the AKC. We the artificial inseminating here at our home in Belvidere, Il. The process runs Smooth and we have about twelve years of experience at this time. 

We love his build and his markings. He truly believes he is one of our kids and not a pet. We actually treat our English Bulldogs as family. None have ever been crated. Our puppies are treated with just as much love. I am hands on with all the puppies from the minute they are born. I am very picky about the homes our puppies go to. If you are just wanted to breed English Bulldogs for the money, do not bother contacting us. The money is always secondary to us. Our first priority is that we give the English Bulldog puppies all the love in the world from the second they are born. Just importantly is making sure the homes they go to will love their English Bulldogs as we do!! You need to have someone at home 24/7 with English Bulldog puppies in the house. 

We make breeding your female simple and hassle free. We are also here for any questions you may have along the way, anytime.

Our stud fees:

$600 cash at the time of the first artificial inseminating. This includes artificially inseminating your female up to four times. We will be able to help you determine the best time for us to breed. What you will need to watch for is your females first day of bleeding. Again we do everything here in our Belvidere home. Check out our Facebook page, Like us there to see more pics! https://www.facebook.com/Brandts-Bulldogs-184204391641041/

815 543 7128                      Tebow Left & our Madison on the right!