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Welcome to Brandts English Bulldogs! We are a loving family who breeds our AKC English Bulldogs on the side. We also offer a stud service (and do the artificial inseminating here at our home.) We have Tebow our proven stud, We are located in Belvidere, Illinois. 815-543-7128

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AKC English Bulldog Puppies for sale- Belvidere, Illinois

Our AKC ENGLISH Bulldog puppies 
*UPDATE: all 11 of our beautiful wrinkly AKC English Bulldogs are now SOLD. Email us to get updates on upcoming litters (we will most likely breed Bella and Jake this year.) As the time gets closer, I will even take deposits. Feel free to follow us on Facebook!  Click here to like us on Facebook as Brandts Bulldogs and see pics and stay updated!

Check out PICS BELOW! And a video!
BOTH Jordin and Madison (sisters)  had puppies, just a day apart! 
 Jordin's litter was born on March 21,2012 (she had 5!) and Madison's English Bulldog puppies were born the day after- March 22, 2012 (she had 6 bouncing English bulldog puppies!) 
 If you are new to our site, take a moment and read above first! You will notice our biggest concern is that our puppies go to good homes. IF you work all day, plan on crating your puppy or have no time to spoil and love your new English Bulldog baby, our puppies are NOT for you. If you have someone to be home with a new puppy, a ton of love in your heart and have no intention on crating your baby- you have come to the right place. We are a "normal" family, breeding just because we absolutely love our dogs, their temperament and everything about them. Our English Bulldogs are our babies.  If you know us, you know we are hands on with our puppies from day one. We smother them with love and absolutely adore each of them.
If you look to the right you will see some pictures of both Mom's and Dad to both litters (Jake.)
You can also scroll down to view my previous posts. There you will find another post on both litters, videos and pictures when they were a bit younger.
Now check out all of our babies! The first 5 are from Jordins litter!

Now check out our AKC English Bulldog Madisons 6 puppies!

This video below is when we had just two puppies left!